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Re: Lord of the Rings Online

I played the trial, and then bought the game for my brother for Christmas.
Unfortunately his PC didn't meet the requirements, so now he's buying a new PC.
When I played the trial, I played a hobbit girl (with the musician type powers, I don't know what they're called in english). And I reeeally enjoyed it. It's a bit sad that the monthly fees are so high. But if my brother gets into it, maybe I'll get it too so him and I can quest together. The game is only 30 which includes one free month, so that's not too bad if you don't plan to play for a long time.

Oh yeah, I've never played a MMPOG (or whatever they're called) before, except the Sims Online, and that one sucked.
I like about LotR that you don't have to constantly fight, you might just walk around and enjoy the scenery and run some post errands, or become a farmer. Because I don't like war/fighting games very much.

Is Brandywine a RP server?


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