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Re: Lord of the Rings Online

Originally Posted by dobbylikesme View Post
I read some reviews though, and they said that the community in LotRO is much more mature and a bit nicer than for example the WoW community, so that's a pro in my book.
I do find the RP aspect very tempting, but I am not very knowledgabe of Tolkien's world, compared to all those hard core fans who have read all his books from the Silmarilion and stuff (I know my brother has a hole set of books about history of Middle Earth), so I would probably make a fool of myself.
It is, very much so. While WoW's community is mostly around 12-17 years old, LOTRO's is mostly people that are over 30, and have never played an MMO before, but are playing because they were ( are ) huge LOTR fans. This makes for a mature, non-competitive atmosphere.

By simply playing the game, you find out all things about Middle Earth. If you could access the forums, I could send you some links that show just how close they got it to the real thing. By taking excerpts from Tolkien's books ( Like descriptions of scenery. ) and applying them to the MMO, you'll be amazed at how accurate they got it.

Originally Posted by TheLastHorcrux View Post
I like the concept, but I've heard that a lot of the quests are group based, which makes it tough for players who started more than a few weeks after the initial launch to advance due to a lack of people at your level to help you out. Has anybody out there started playing recently? If so, is that the case?
A lot of quests are group based, but you will always have enough solo ones to fill in, if you don't want to do them. Also, there are always new players starting, no matter what game you play.

Originally Posted by AcidPop View Post
I've never played this. I HATED the LOTR games they had for the PS2, and to be honest, while I like LOTR I can't see myself really getting into an online version of it. When does the story take place? Before or after the ring is destroyed?

I'd much rather have a HP online game.
I'd like an HP online game too, and one is rumored to be in development, but if it is it will only be here many years from now.

The story is kind of cool how they did it. You are in the story, and it progresses, with real time, slowly. When I first got the game ( When it came out. ), Frodo was still in the Shire. As the months went by, he went to Bree, so on and so forth, and they have now formed the fellowship and are in Rivendell. It's pretty cool, the world changes as it goes along. If, in the book, a town is pillaged.. when the story gets to that, orcs will come to that town and pillage it, leaving it desolate forever ( Unless, in the history somewhere, it is fixed. )

And when the story is over, the game will go into the 4th age, and then the 5th age, and if there are any more ages after that. But to even get to the 4th age ( The end of the LOTR story. ) will take years, so they will never run out of story to work with.

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