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Re: General Graphics Questions

It also helps to leave a bit of the background in from the picture you steal and erase the final bit after the transfer. Sometimes you get extremely lucky and the small area background blends into the transfered background so that you don't have sharp edges around the person you transferred in - if that makes sense. That generally can work if you pull the people from the same scene of a shoot, albeit from different caps. Although I used blur which lessens sharp edges of course, in my current avatar, the boys are actually from 3 different caps all joined together. Even before I blurred and such, the edges were barely noticeable because the background of the 3 caps was the same. All three layers of the boys have background pieces attached to them. Only Goyle's piece is funky at the top and that was merely because I got lazy - I could have easily made that blend in as well because the detail is the same (leaves).


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