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Re: Changes to Magical Masterpieces

Just want to bump this so that it doesn't get forgotten.


Please use one thread only for all of your art.

Please create a feedback thread in the feedback section, if you want to read constructive critiques, cheers or get offers for lifelong chocolate parcels.
It might be helpful to link to your feedback thread from your art thread.

You might also want to use expand tags if you post big pictures.
Expand tags work that way: [*expand=Gertie's Chocolate frog Wallpaper] image code [*/expand], look like this:
Gertie's Chocolate frog Wallpaper:    

   image code   

and are simply fair for users with dial-up connections.


Members, please use the feedback section to show our artists how much you like their art. Comments in artist's threads get moved to the feedback section from time to time. If the artist didn't yet start a feedback thread, comments get soft-deleted until there is one.

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