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Re: Lord of the Rings Online

Well this thread looks pretty dead.... *attempts to revive it*

I've been playing this game as a free player for a couple of months now, because I love Middle-earth and was in need of a new and different way of experiencing Tolkien, and because I've always wanted to try out an MMORPG. I love it so far, and I also like that you can play for free. Usually when they say that, there's a tiny footnote somewhere that says "but only 'till you get to the fun levels! ", but that's not the case here. I don't feel like I have to pay anything to enjoy the game, though access to the VIP-areas would be nice.

Also, most people there are very helpful and nice, I really enjoy being part of the community. (I play on the Vilya server, btw.) If you need help with anything or have a question, there's always someone there who can help you, and you won't get laughed at for asking newbie-questions, which was very reassuring to me, being both a noob in LOTRO and in the MMORPG-world.

I wonder if any of the wonderful people of CoS plays this, and if you do, are you a free player or not? I'm really thinking of becoming a VIP or premium player, but only if I think it's worth the money that could be spent on something else (this would have to go from my book budget, see ).


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