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Re: The OTHER deleted scenes

At Veritaserum, there is a list of unseen deleted scenes for PoA:

Jamie Waylett (Crabbe) mentioned in a recent interview that a Dracula/bikini scene had been filmed during the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Another scene that we know of that was filmed but not included in the final movie is one in which the trio argues outside. WB released two images (1, 2) from this scene in a Prisoner of Azkaban poster book and on a PoA trading card, but it was not in the final movie. In fact, what happens in the scene is detailed on the back of a trading card:

Ron blames Crookshanks for the disappearance of Scabbers. Harry says he doesn't care about Ron's rat or Hermione's cat. Ron retorts that a person could die being Harry's friend.
I'm starting to get annoyed at how much we aren't shown.

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