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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Thanks for the comments, guys, much appreciated. I've just gone back and corrected a few little things (like I slipped and had Narcissa saying Snape was Draco's favorite student ). I'm making some touch-ups on the next scene, as I've really just started this one. As I really have no life, I'm working on DH as well, so I've spent more time on that one.

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
However instead of Lucius just say his father...I dunno I thought it'll be a good idea for the audience not to know who her son was until Diagon Alley and then there's a big 'OOHHHHHHH' from the audience.
I know exactly what you mean. In fact, what's there now is really just a placeholder. Saying "his father" just seems a bit unnatural to me; I mean, why wouldn't Narcissa just use Lucius' name when talking to Snape? However, I do agree with the notion of giving the audience another small surprise and realizing that she was talking about Malfoy and beginning the suspicion toward him right when Harry does. How about just "It is only punishment for what happened at the Ministry?" I mean, it's a line that would never make sense to those who hadn't seen OotP, but then again, I'm really writing this movie as a sequel, and I think if you're walking into the sixth movie, chances are you've seen the fifth.

And here's a question: can you imagine the dialogue I do have now coming from Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Helen McCrory? Because I do really want to write an HP movie I'd be happy with, and part of that is writing to the actors' rythms and speech patterns as we've seen them, even if this isn't the real script, obviously. Do you know what I mean, or am I just overcomplicating this to point of insanity?

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