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Re: The Hobbit movie news

Originally Posted by AcidPop View Post
I'll certainly see The Hobbit movie (LOVE Smaug), but it's this second LOTR film that has me really interested. What exactly is it going to be about?!
Merlin only knows!

The thing is: if they're planning to do a 'bridge' kind of story between The Hobbit and LotR, then what kind of source material will they use for it? What is the copyright situation with Tolkien's publishers? What's Christopher Tolkien's take on all this? It's just really ... odd.

Anyhow, my initial reaction to the 'second LotR film' ain't positive.

I'm looking forward to The Hobbit but the prospect of a 'second LotR' film just makes me feel like a curmudgeon, or an über-purist.

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