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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

6. Hagrid & Madame Maxime? Will they get together in book 7?
When asked this question: Does Hagrid get a wife?
JK responded: Does Hagrid get a wife? You think anyone would want to live with a man who breeds Blast-Ended Skrewts?

Aaaaw, I so wanted him and Madame Maxime to get together and be happy, but after JKR's comment I'm not so sure. I think I'd like to ignore JKR's comment and imagine that after the Battle of Hogwarts Madame Maxime came over to help with the rebuild of Hogwarts, and that later Hagrid proposed to her and they lived on Hogwarts grounds with many big children. I wish I don't think that would be the life for Maxime. Poor Hagrid.

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