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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

I've just started re-reading PS/SS and it struck me in the scene where Hagrid comes to get Harry that he uses some pretty good magic, giving Dudley a tail & getting the boat to move by itself. It struck me that

a) he's using a broken wand - anytime we see wands that are broken the wizard has a hard time using them


b) he's not speaking the spell - he's thinking the spell. Now, we see in the series that Harry doesn't start learning this until 6th year - so unless wizards were taught it at an earlier age in Hagrid's days (I doubt this though) then Hagrid must have either gotten some extra tuition over the years or he's got some powerful magic in him, which I believe he might do. I don't think that Hagrid is at all as incapable at magic as he acted in the books.


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