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Re: Downton Abbey

I've decided to revive this thread since I just finished watching the first season in like 3 days and I'm obsessed! All of the characters (except Tom and Daisy, loathe them) are so interesting and exciting to watch.

Am I the only one rooting for Branson and Sybill? I also love Anna and Bates, but I think Bates it toying with Anna a little bit.

Of course, Maggie Smith is so wonderful in this, and she has the best lines. Some favs:

-"So stick that in your pipe and smoke it"
-"My maid is apparently leaving me to get married. How can she be so selfish?"


"Prison Mike, what is the very worst thing about prison?"

"The worst thing about prison was...the DEMENTORS!...they were... flyin all over the place and they were scary and they suck the soul out of your body and it hoirts!"

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