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Re: Polyjuice actors

wow i totally forgot that they were different actors hahahaha that's pathetic.

anyway, like everyone else i believe that Helena did a great job as Hermione. she is a brilliant actress no doubt. the Crabbe and Goyle actors did rather well too in CoS.

Radcliffe didn't really have to act all that much during the "7 Potters" scene though it was rather enjoyable.

I like Mafalda, Runcorn, and Cattermole but espcially the men.

Did anyone else notice that in CoS they have Crabbe and Goyle's voices? And in GoF he had Moody's voice? afterwards, they made them have the real characters voice. i believe it was more accurate to the book in the beginning movies because i distinctly remember in the book Harry saying "...came Goyle's deep grunt to his right" when Ron spoke. They probably changed this in the later films to avoid confusion on which character was which


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