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Re: Polyjuice actors

Originally Posted by Bathsheda View Post

Daniel Radcliffe as Fleur/Hermione/Fred/George/Ron/Mundungus-Harry
David O’Hara as Runcorn-Harry
Sophie Thompson as Mafalda-Hermione
Steffan Rhodri as Cattermole-Ron

Helena Bonham-Carter as Bellatrix-Hermione

I think Dan did a great job in the Seven Potters scene. It was real fun.

And Helena did a brilliant job playing Hermione. I thought the way she stumbled on those high heels was a really nice touch.

I also really liked David O'Hara as Runcorn-Harry. I liked how perplexed he looked most of the time.
I loved david n helenas portayals of harry n hermione, too. Right down to their gestures and the way they walked.... Two very talented actors, obviously they did their research n these two to get the characters so perfect! I swear i could actually SEE Harry in Runcorn...

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