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Originally Posted by jordmundt6 View Post
Anyone see the TV Guide article about the splashy 200th episode? Feels like Don Bellisario repeating himself again (but with better results). There was talk of Gibbs doing an "It's a Wonderful Life" thing about possibly never joining NCIS (what if his wife and daughter had never been killed?). This sounds suspiciously like "What If" the 200th episode of JAG where the main characters share a meal at a Chinese restaraunt and all get the same fortune about "the road not taken" and imagine alternate paths for themselves. Disaster. Like one of their worse Christmas episodes. I'm hoping this one will be much better.

It should be noted that by the time JAG hit its 200th episode in its 9th season, they were trying to recover from a shark-jumping season finale/premiere combo that angered the fanbase and their numbers (never as lofty as NCIS is now) had begun to trend downward, slowly at first and then much more steeply.

Even if this is a similar idea, I have to hope that it's executed much better than JAG's was because a return to shoddiness of "What If" could be a negative tipping point for the show.
I liked it . It was a good episode and it showed what would have happened if Gibbs hadn't done some things in his life. A definitely different take on the usual, but it was still worth the watch.

Spoiler: show
I really loved how Tony screwed up Ziva's name while she remained in Mossad (sp?) -- Risa, Visa, Tiva ...

How did the rest of you like it, episode wise?


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