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Originally Posted by OldMotherCrow View Post
Catch up time! Concerning the 200th, I agree with the assessment that it was okay, but not great. I'll use spoilers, just in case:

Spoiler: show

To me, Kate and Tony acted more like siblings, so yeah, don't see the marriage ever happening. But this was Gibbs's alternate world fantasy. I think he looks for daughter substitutes in the young women around him-- so in his AU scenario where Kate lives instead of dies, she marries Tony and names their daughter Kelly. In the AU, Abby and Tim are together, too, which I think is the more interesting of Gibbs's imaginary pairings, because the death of one of them wasn't keeping them apart in the "real" world. I took the whole thing as a recognition on Gibbs's part that if he had been different, he wouldn't have been an impediment to the potential of the people around him forming romantic interests. Whether or not the romances could ever happen, I think he's right that he does impede the personal lives of anyone who works on his team. I think this was a continuation from him telling Tony a few episodes not to be like him when it came to love.

Yes, I agree. "Its a good thing Shannon and Kelly got murdered, otherwise I would have died and they would have been sad and we wouldn't have had a happy family anyway." I doubt that's the message the writers were going for, but I think that part completely side-stepped the issue and missed the mark. I wish the episode had ended on a stronger note.

And last episode, with superheroes and Wendy the reporter:

Spoiler: show

I really liked last episode. I loved the exchange between Gibbs and ICU at the end, especially after Gibbs's earlier reaction to Abby's "Real life Superheroes!", where he just chucks what he's holding onto the floor and leaves in disgust. I found the episode to be very entertaining.

Wendy showing up at some point was bound to happen. Bit of a stretch to have her a 4th grade teacher who conveniently morphs into a DC reporter on the trail of a hot lead, but oh well.

As a Harry Potter fan, I appreciated the reference:

"Which was your favorite Harry Potter?"
"The one where he wasn't kissing my mom!"

Spoiler: show
That's what I thought as well. They were trying to get those two together back in the day, when all I ever saw from them was just a brother and sister thing ...

I did as well from the last episode . Just priceless .


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