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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

Originally Posted by beth83 View Post
The Fidelius Charm is the thing that has caused debate in this house. Should everyone from 2020 be able to see the house or not? Does the fact that they are from the future and are effectively secret keepers allow them to see it back in 1981 or is this an error. We kind of concluded that time travel didn't change the fact that they knew where the hobbuse was they could see it.
Oh wow this is a fantastic point! I'm trying to think this through. So in DH, all the DEs who were hanging out right outside of Grimmauld Place couldn't get in even though they knew that's where the place was, because they weren't secret keepers.

So should just knowing where the house is in Godric's Hollow be enough to let them see it? They were never told the location by the actual secret keeper. Also Albus and Scorpius go back first and they can see the house too even though they really shouldn't be able to, since they've NEVER been told where it is. Or is it okay to assume that just because the house doesn't have a Fidelius Charm on it in the present time, anyone who goes back to the past should be able to see it just fine.

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