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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

Well, the Draco not knowing thing is a bit weird but depending on when Delphi was born, he could have been at school. Or maybe he knew he had a cousin but thought Bella had it with Rod not Lord Voldemort. Since Draco doesn't say anything during Delphi's reveal, it's impossible to know what he was thinking or if he was in any surprised. And considering she was born at Malfoy Manor, her existence was hardly kept a secret. It's not like Bellatrix went away somewhere and had her and then came back. My guess is that she passed off the baby as being Rodolphus's which is how he became involved in the whole thing.

As for her body looking pregnant: I've never been pregnant myself so I wouldn't know. But considering that wizarding wear consists of rather loose robes, it's not a stretch to me that at least the Trio (considering the pressure they were under) would not have noticed that she looked fatter than usual. I wouldn't call it a plot hole since it is possible to make it work with the books. Still, I would have liked to be told in the script what month she was born so that we could make sense of it. Maybe it will be in the definitive version that comes out next year.

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