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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

Well, Pearl has said it all really And I agree is much better on the stage than on paper. I think the stage is the best media for this story. Everything from the staging, set, movement, effects, to the superb acting, make it an exciting and at times emotional, magical theatrical experience.

The relationships between the characters, especially Albus and Scorpius are delightful and often humorous. Also the father son relationships between Harry and Albus, and Draco and Scorpius, two fathers struggling to relate to their sons who are both trying to cope with the legacy of their fathers.

I had arranged to meet one of the actors afterwards who I knew from twitter. So while Pearl and I waited by the stage door we got to meet many of the main actors including Noma Dumezweni (Hermione), who was lovely, Paul Thornley (Ron), Sam Clemment (Albus Severus), and Anthony Boyle (Scorpius) who seemed shy and embarrassed by the attention.

It was also lovely to share the experience with Pearl. It would have felt strange seeing it with someone who didn't know Yorkiedoodle. But she was with us in spirit.

Would I go and see it again? YES!

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