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Re: In Defense of Slytherin: A Different Kind of Courage

Wow, great editorial!!! One of the best I've read!

I personally have felt kind of strange when I've read the books over because I didn't hate the Slytherins- well, ALL the Slytherins, at least. I always felt a sneaking fascination with Snape, even before he became a murderer, because he is just so real and complex, as the author mentioned in this editorial. And, horrible person that I am, I was PITYING Snape when he killed Dumbledore!!!

But the point is that I agree that being "cunning to achieve their ends" DOES NOT mean "bad." I have heard Slytherin House be defined time and time again (by non-Mugglenet HP readers, of course) as "the evil house." NOT TRUE- I know great people who could fit in Slytherin.

Granted, I hated Draco Malfoy until the sixth book. But I now genuinely pity him, as I do Snape.

But Regulus... I have to wonder about him. Sirius said he was "soft" and "an idiot" (OotP), and then this soft idiot goes out and tries to take on Voldemort? The pieces don't seem to fit. But maybe Sirius had a slightly distorted view of his brother. Hmmm....

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