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Re: In Defense of Slytherin: A Different Kind of Courage

Oooh, yes indeed she is! The Amazon Star, I see. *smirk* How appropriate.

And I agree she is CERTAINLY a Slytherin I wouldn't want to be buddies with.

I always thought it was derived from the Latin for "war," you know--but I guess that's where the star gets its name, "trix" being the feminine ending. "Warrioress," if that's a word...only for some reason (and my Latin grammar is very foggy) "Bellatrix" sounds almost more like the feminine of an adjective like "warlike." Too long since Latin.

I did read somewhere that JKR peruses star charts for names. Not a bad idea. Well, I guess I'll have to revise: apparently people named for stars _can_ be all bad--just not ladies named for stars in good ol' Taurus (I was born under Taurus).

Thanks for calling this to my attention. -Dez

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