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Re: In Defense of Slytherin: A Different Kind of Courage

This is one of the best editorials I have read this year. It is thought provoking and well supported by evidence and logical assumptions. Some of what is written about some of those named is questionable, however.

Merope Gaunt, although descended from Slytherin, probably never attended Hogwarts. The same probably holds true for all the Gaunt family. It is my belief all the Gaunts may instead have attended Durmstrang. Draco Malfoy says during GoF that he almost went to Durnstrang but his mother insisted he go to Hogwarts so I think it likely that others, including the Gaunts, may have done this too.

Much of what you say about Snape showing courage is incorrect. Like Erendis (post #3, above), in most situations I think Snape was choosing what was best for him rather than what was right. However Snape did show some courage on occasion so it would not be right to call him a coward.

Other than these points and few areas of conjecture I am in agreement with this editorial and I repeat what I said about it being one of the best I've read this year.

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