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Re: In Defense of Slytherin: A Different Kind of Courage

Nice editorial. Harry should take a lesson from you, Dez, because Dumbledore obviously wanted him to develop some empathy for Voldemort, just as you have done for Slytherins.

Glad to see someone else brought up Bella. Anyone who tortures people into madness is as close to unredeemable as I can imagine, star name or not.

This editorial reminds me of a post I made a long time ago and an editorial by Dementom, about Dumbledore possessing the signature qualities of all four houses and how that made him exceptionally qualified to be Headmaster. I recall the speech made by the sorting hat in the fifth book—something about how it wonders whether the students should all be divided. I think that when you are sorted into any of the houses, even though you may possess some of the qualities valued in the others, the house to which you belong molds and shapes those qualities it values. For example, a Slytherin First Year could enter the school being fairly unassuming despite generations of pure blood, but could come through the seventh year convinced of her own superiority. Perhaps Gryffindors become bigger risk-takers, Hufflepuffs become helpmates, and Ravenclaws become most likely to never leave the library. It's hard to say whether this means Hogwarts is fine-tuning the strengths that are already there in students, or if it is allowing the qualities that are not embraced by the houses to become rusty. I wouldn't be surprised if, during the war, the sorting hat is destroyed and the notion of dividing students into houses dies with it, as a sort of JKR moral to the story. I hope not, though, because I went to college at a basketball school and there is nothing like a good healthy rivalry.

To the poster who made the Regulus-Scrimgeour comment, I submitted an editorial a while back about this connection. It hasn't made it in yet and I don't think it will, but believe me, the thought has occurred to me, too, and I bet a lot of others.

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