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Re: In Defense of Slytherin: A Different Kind of Courage

I'll admit at first I was ready to disagree with your article but the more I read the more compelled I became to agree with you. These are all lovable or pitiful Slytherin characters and I wholly agree with you on there courage stakes. The idea of not letting emotions cloud your judgemenet is certainly interesting too.
Poor Merope though, her character has pulled at my heartstrings since I first read her. I feel such pity for her but at the same time would it not have been a more brave thing to live on for her child to care for him even though she could not bare to live any longer?
That whole '...chose between what is right and what is easy' idea. It would be far easier for her to just succumb to death that and to struggle with life and look after her child.

Wow Perman. I have to agree with you despite being a dispicable and disgusting a character Voldemort does show some signs of reckless bravery though I think you really said everything.

Glad to see someone else brought up Bella. Anyone who tortures people into madness is as close to unredeemable as I can imagine, star name or not
Mmm I was inwardly screaming Bellatrix's name when I read that part of the editorial, not only does she have one star but a whole bleeding constellation named after her and she's as far from redemption as you could possibly go, except maybe Voldemort. On the thread of Merope, I didn't realise that she was the Taraus star , my star, cool! Also how many people how that the Regulus star is the Alpha star in the Leo constellation? Alpha -Alphard. Regulus Alphard Black but that's surely on other threads.

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