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Re: Does Harry love the Dursleys?

Originally Posted by Defyeverything View Post
Harry is a neglected child who was rasied by the Dursleys.

As any abused person will tell you is that they love their abuser inspite of the fact that they are being harmed by the same person. Most of the time the child feels like it's something they have done and all the want to do is change so that they can feel loved by the people they love. I think that the fact that Harry saw his family in the mirrior shows how bad he wanted a loving family and when he's love for the Dursleys wasn't returned he wished for his mom and dad back. I think if in his heart he didn't love the Dursleys he would have ran away a long time ago and he wouldn't defend his cousion when the Weasley twins played that prank on him or when the dementors came down that alley way.
Exactly. Harry, weather or not he likes or hates the Dursleys, would do anything to save the people that are close to him, weather it be his relatives or not. The Dursleys might have neglected him, but Harry doesnt want to see anyone he knows, loves, or whatever get hurt or killed, especially if it has to do with Voldemort.


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