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Re: Does Harry love the Dursleys?

Originally Posted by Kimagine View Post
Harry knows that the Dursleys, awful as they are, are still family. I think he is aware they have mistreated him and he knows they do not love him. But it's probably a lot more complicated than whether he does or does not love them. Ask an abused person if he/she loves his/her abuser, and they might say, "I do not like (the person) at all, but I do love (him/her) because we're family."
I agree. I think there might be something there because they were the only people who were his family before he was introduced to the magical community. However, I don't think he'll miss them that much once he's gone. If one of them died, I'm sure he'd be more than upset, but certainly not as upset as he was when DD or Sirius or even Cedric died.

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