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Re: Does Harry love the Dursleys?

It's interesting. The thing with love is that it is so simple yet so complex. So many times I have loved those who treated me badly, yet found myself unable to love someone who treated me like a Princess (lol, lets not get into the murky depths of my psyche).

Love isn't an emotion or a feeling, its a way of 'being' and so complicated. Harry may not know why he loves them, and he may not want to love them but I believe he does. Why? Because they can hurt him. He doesn't care what Voldemort says about him, or how Snape treats him...and yet the unfairness and injustice of his treatment at the hands of the Dursely's stings. He feels pain at their hands, not Voldemort's or Snape's (emotional I mean).

It's too complex to surmise that they're mean to him so he doesn't love them, but it is simple enough to say that they're his family, Lily's family, so he loves them.

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