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Re: Funniest lines in the films?

My favourite funny lines, from PoA:

Snape charges majestically into the Defence Against Dark Arts classroom, robes a-billow, slamming the door behind him and charming the window blinds shut. Then he turns to face the class and spits out: "Turn to page 394" (making it sound like a death threat ).

After a spat with Hermione, he then tells the class they have to submit an essay on werewolves. Groans of dismay and protest ensue.

Harry: "But sir! It's Quidditch tomorrow!"
Snape (swooping down on him like a bat and hissing into Harry's face): "Then I suggest you take extra care, Mr Potter. Loss of limb will not excuse you."

And the lines are funny anyway, but oh, Rickman's delivery.

Another line that always amuses me is Moaning Myrtle in the CoS film saying how she was "hiding in a U-bend, thinking about death".


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