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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

It seems a little...wrong. I would probably be curious to watch it but I doubt I'd like it, especially if it were anime. I mean if it was in a more realistic style like some of you guys said, maybe I'd like it, but I can see the intro song with a guy singing inspirationally in Japanese showing shots of Malfoy sneering and Neville dropping his books with huge eyes with dots tiny dots in it and little anime sweat droplets are flying off him and stuff like that and the stupid ending theme with the slow pop music and some girl singing overdramatically in Japanese while we get snippets of Ron and Hermione sitting under a tree with little diamond sparkles in their eyes watching a sunset, and Harry walking with his head down in front of the lake with Hedwig on his shoulder. That's worst case scenario though and I know what you guys are saying that it wouldn't be like that, but that's what I see when I think about it.

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