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Jan 10

In the Commmon Room, as usual. Joan is watching me, staring. Her stare is rather unnerving. She has grey-blue eyes and the look about her is evil. Evil in an un-Voldemort-ish, just scary type of way. Even Sirius avoids her.

She and I began to be friends at the beginning of the first year when she swore at meand told me me to get away from her bed. I told her I wasn't near her bed, and to watch her language, and she started laughing.

She prefers it when people stand up to her, and when they don't, she squashes them flat. The other girls in our dorm avoid her as much as possible, and the boys, Sirius, Remus, and, Peter mostly, won't go near her. James yelled at her once, and now she's fond of him. She likes Liza too, because when she blocked Lize from getting into her dormitory and told her to explain why she ate one and a half rolls, Liza told her to get out of her way unless she wanted to be hexed apart, of course, Lize didn't have the ability to then, but Joan just laughed and got out of her way.

Alice got angry at her once, so Joan likes her, too. Those that are her friends are her friends for a long time coming, and have her protection.

James and Sirius lost us about fifty points today. They were tormenting Snape again. Honestly, they can be so immature, including Snape. They bait each other and then pretend to be innocent. They hex each other, throw insults, it can be so annoying! I've stood up for Snape a few times, but then he just insults me. I've mostly given up, because it doesn't faze anyone a bit, and Snape just calls me a mudblood and keeps swearing.

Liza just came in from Quidditch practice, followed by the rest of the team. As it''s storming out, you can just make out sodden red and white fuzz balls.

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