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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by Gwendolen View Post
That seems odd too. Why add a charm that only warns people when it's too late? If a charm went off I'd expect Dumbledore to send more help than Hagrid. Voldemort or his death eaters might still have been there and then what could Hagrid do?

If Peter expected Sirius to go to Godric's Hollow that night, he could have sent a message to Dumbledore warning him that Sirius was on his way to betray the Potters. If he was able to tell Dumbledore where the Potters were, it would confirm that Sirius had broken the charm, rather than give away that Peter was secret-keeper. That way Dumbledore could have found out what happened before sending Hagrid to pick up Harry.
I'm not sure we can trust the Lexicon timeline to be completely correct.

Even so, we aren't given enough information to know what really happened in the 24 hours. I think it's safe to say that Dumbledore himself went there immediately to assess things, hide the house from muggle view, bury the dead, etc. The Dursleys had to be contacted to make sure they'd take Harry so that the charm Dumbledore intended to place would be possible. Dumbledore probably needed to make sure the rumours of Voldemort's temporary demise were true, etc. For all we know, Dumbledore went back to the Potter's house, waited until nightfall -- no sense arriving at the Dursleys in the daytime where too many muggles could see (that would upset the Dursleys) -- contacted Hagrid to get Harry, and then proceeded to Privet Drive.

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