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Re: Plot holes, inconsistencies, and contradictions v. 4

Originally Posted by dukeatreides_iv View Post
wasnt it DD that suggested the fidelius charm? i dont think the charm would prevent him from knowing they were there. it would prevent him from entering. the DE's knew where 12 grimmuald place was, just couldnt enter because of the charm.
Dumbledore suggested the Fidelius charm and offered to be secret keeper, but James said he would use Sirius instead, and then changed his mind and used Peter. Dumbledore didn't know that Peter was secret-keeper, but he would have if Peter had told him where the Potters were.

I think the secret for Grimmauld Place was that it was the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, so I think it was more to stop people looking for the Order there than to hide the building. I think the Black family already had charms to hide it and stop people getting in or apparating out.

At Godric's Hollow, I think the secret was that the Potters were hiding in their house, because someone said people could look through their window and not see them. That would mean anyone could find the house but they wouldn't know the Potters were there.

When the charm broke, I don't know whether it restored what people knew before, or whether it just broke the enchantment that stopped the secret being passed on. Either way, I think someone would have to spread the news of the attack before anyone tried to find the Potters.

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