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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP Movie Thread v.6

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Phoenix Lament (21 pg.)- 3 minutes (Possibly Cut)

- Ginny leads Harry to the Hospital Wing
- Discussion with the Order and the Fawke’s Lament
- McGonagall asks Harry what happened and the heads of houses arrive
-discussion of closing the school
we have discussed a bit about this one...may I only add i wish they do a nice score..a sad one ,the kind that when you listen to it makes you want to cry...something that will stick to your head like hedwig´s theme...I want a nice sad musical score for this...

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Harry breaks up with Ginny
I hope they do this one a bit better than they did the one in spiderman...that one sucked ...sorry for the comparison...but I find them similar in a way---
IMO this one needs to show how much Harry wants to be with her,how hard it is for him to say what he says...and it has to show how even though Ginny hates what she is listening to ,she understands and is willing to let him go...without crying least front of him...


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