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Re: Seeing Other People

Sorry for the delay - just started 6th form and I've had A LOT of work to do. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 24 - Morning

She had waited for so long to leave the house - woken early, walked in a cloud of dragging movement and thought, Athena's morning hoot echoing inside. She sat in the dining room, her chair tucked neatly under the dark wood of the table and sat in almost perfect silent. The Little Prince was her book of choice, its spine lightly creased as she bent the pages towards her eyes, as pale as the morning sky.

She had not seen Scorpius since that night on Friday, and it was Monday morning now. No correspondence at all had passed between them, in fact, and Rose did not like it. Through the nights of Friday and Saturday and Sunday she had wondered if it could ever be true that he would kiss her like that, the boy she had watched since her very first year, but her memory argued that it was very true indeed. In the waking hours, Rose distracted herself mainly with muggle reading. It was first Oscar Wilde, and now Saint-Exupery, who had lead her away from her Magic Textbooks and shown her the world of literature, of story and prose and fiction and fantasy. Of ideas and dreams. It seemed so much more enthralling than what was, to her, the somewhat disappointing world of real magic. And so on she read.

A floorboard creaked overheard and Rose did not look up. Nor did she when footsteps trickled down the stairs and along the corridor. And then young Hugo, only just 13, opened the door to the dining room and peaked through his head of bright red hair, made messy by morning, and yawned loudly.

Again, Rose did not look up.

He walked silently across the carpet and assumed the chair next to her. For a moment he waited for acknowledgement, and watched her read for another, before finally breaking the gentle glaze of silence that was in the air of the room.

'Looking forward to school?' he asked, and even now Rose took a moment to look at him. When she did, she seemed to play his question through in her mind to process it before responding.

'Oh, yeah, I suppose so,' and in her eyes there was assumed a defeat, like a butterfly grasped in a net, being pulled from the air unwillingly. 'Are you?'

'A bit, it is a laugh most of the time – when we don't get much homework.' Hugo rubbed his eyes tiredly and lent back in the chair. Despite his dark brown eyes and slightly curled hair, his resemblance to Ron was striking in the long nose and heavy freckles.

Rose looked at him with a hint of condescension. 'Hugo, you're a Second Year. You know nothing of homework.'

'Only because Molly usually does it for me,' he grinned.

'Our cousin Molly?' asked Rose disapprovingly. 'Hugo, that's cheating. And I didn't think Molly would be willing to do that.'

'I think she just likes to show off about how clever she is.'

Rose gave him another look before turning back to her book, but her brother interrupted once again.

'Lily told me you're going out with the Malfoy boy,' he said with a slight smirk. Rose cringed inwardly.

'His name is Scorpius,' she said.

'It's still yuck. I bet dad wouldn't be happy, especially after you came back so late the other night.' There was a daring taunt in his eye now, and Rose turned to face him.

'You wouldn't –'

'Oh, wouldn't I?' he s******ed. 'You're a nerd, Rose, you'd be able to think your way out of it.' With that the small boy stood and fled the room with a playfully mischievous look.

'Oh, just get lost,' she muttered and rolled her eyes.

As the door did not shut behind Hugo before her mother's bushy-haired head peeped around the edge of it. 'Have you packed all your books?'

'I'll do it in a minute,' she sighed.

'No, Rose, we're going to be late. Now, please.' Her mother sounded stressed, as she always did on the day they left for school. There was never that much to be done, and they never were late, but Hermione would find something to worry and obsess over, and with the years Rose had learnt to just obey her.

'Ok, ok, I'm going now.'

As Rose ascended the stairs, she heard Hermione's shrill voice order Ron to put down the newspaper and make breakfast, though she had not yet spotted Hugo making his Chudley Cannon figures race up and down the corridor when he too had not finished packing. Rose reached her room and slammed the door shut behind her, feeling quiet solitude resume. For a moment she was struck by how often she was utterly alone during the holidays, in contrast to the constant bustle of the school corridors and tired chatter of her dormitory. She wondered how often she and Scorpius would be alone there, perhaps in afternoons by the lake or quiet corners of the library, but never really alone, never secure in their privacy, free to say and do as they pleased without fear of being overheard or interrupted.

And then for a moment she began to wonder if they would ever truly have that privacy. Perhaps one day they would live together, in a house not dissimilar to her own but far from other people who were not wanted in their moments of solitude. And then she froze and cast it from her mind. The future with Scorpius was too uncertain and foreboding to think of at all.

Rose went to her desk and began gathering up her numerous textbooks. Almost all interest in these books had faded now. They seemed cold and dull compared to the beautiful, pure, passionate volumes downstairs in her mother's bookshelves. The textbooks in her hands had scarcely been touched over the holidays, and Rose was struck by fear as she thought of how little she had worked or revised over Easter, with her OWLs fast approaching. She had been utterly distracted and even now, looking down at the old pages, wondered if she could really find the motivation to read through them all again, to pass her eyes over their words and feel nothing, touching on blank knowledge that would be so irrelevant to her. Clever though she may be, Rose did not want to spend the rest of her life with these books, with that torturously dull study of things so uncreative like repeating spells or potions recipes or looking at plants or reciting historical dates. She could not care about them.

Maybe Hogwarts would reignite her love of magic, but Rose had never much loved Hogwarts either. She could still remember the feeling of rejection at her sorting, her fear of not living up to her brilliant parents, her anger at them not telling them the full story, which she had only learnt in that ancient castle's walls. So far the place, with all its wonder and grandness and mystery, had sparked little but worry and disappointment for Rose.

Although she would admit the school's one triumph. It had given her Scorpius – and if that was the only gift of the magical world to her then so be it, it was a fine one. For that, at least, she was grateful.

'Rose, are you ready? Your mother will get a heart like a flutterby bush if we don't leave soon!' called Ron from downstairs.

Rose threw the books into her case, clicked it shut, and sped from the room.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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