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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 34 - And A Wedding

After Scorpius' return to Hogwarts, the remainder of term passed in a warm blur of exam panic and quiet, warm nights by the black lake with Rose. It was a happy, calm time in which hours of study could be forgotten under light kisses and the stars. The weeks rolled by with little to distinguish them apart from the growing warmth of the sun and the flowers that littered the castle's grounds. One time he even had the honour of accompanying Rose and her cousins to their monthly afternoon tea with Hagrid, which was an event free of suspicion or resentment, and he was a part of it, a part of them, a part of the great tradition of love and charm that Hogwarts had bestowed upon its young scholars for centuries past.

When the time came to bid the old castle farewell for the summer months, Scorpius found his usual grief to be assuaged somewhat at the knowledge that it did not mean cold, lonely weeks locked away in the old mansion, but long days of joyous escape with Rose, or even Lily and the whole Potter-Weasley clan he had grown so accustomed to. To set the summer off to a glorious start, its first weekend hosted the much-anticipated wedding of Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley, to which Scorpius was overjoyed to hear he had been invited as Rose's guest. And it was with that same joy that he wandered down to the Burrow on a sunny day at the end of June.

The house was much changed since his last visit, strewn with banners of white and silver, and an archway of entangled white flowers set out on the lawn, with rows of chairs stretching back towards the orchard. The garden was already filled with guests, their dress robes glittering in the glare of the sun. The crowd was undeniably made up of a disproportionate level of ginger heads, which at least made it harder to locate Rose. But he found her stood between her brother and another cousin Scorpius vaguely recognised as Molly Weasley, a year younger than Hugo, with thickly curled red hair and glasses. He started towards her, and they met with a light embrace and subtle kiss on the cheek. Molly eyed him somewhat suspiciously, looking ludicrous with her eyes magnified by her thick lenses.

'It's so exciting,' smiled Rose, looking pleasant in her powder blue dress robes, 'everyone's been waiting for them to get married for years now.'

'Years is hardly true, Rose,' said Molly with an uppity sniff of her nose. 'After all, Victoire is still only 22.'

'Rose, you stand corrected,' murmured Scorpius under his breath with a smirk, which earned him a sharp look from Molly, before she turned on her heel and marched back into a larger group, pulling the reluctant Hugo with her. 'Where's Lils anyway?'

'Getting ready with Victoire, Dominique and Roxy. The offer of bridesmaid was made to all us girl cousins, but me, Molly and Lucy rejected it. I didn't particularly like the prospect of tripping over on the aisle in front of everyone,' she said, blushing slightly. He brushed a strand of hair from her bright eyes.

'It's a shame,' he said gently, 'I'd have liked to have shown off my beautiful girlfriend to all of them, but at least now you're all mine.' She turned crimson and sunk towards him.

'Let's go and see Teddy,' she said, taking his hand and leading him towards the shimmering archway. For the event it would appear that the groom had been persuaded to dull his usual shock of turquoise hair to a respectable brown, though none of his playful good looks were lost for it. Upon seeing Rose he wrapped her in his lanky arms and shook Scorpius' hand warmly,

'Congratulations!' they said in unison.

'Don't speak too soon,' he said, with a mischievous grin and a wink. 'Now, you haven't seen your wonderfully reliable cousin James have you? It's just he ran off on an errand and I haven't seen him since, and I was rather fond of those rings.'

'I'm afraid not,' replied Rose, rolling her eyes at the predictability of James' behaviour, 'but we'll look out for him.' With that the young couple bid him a final wish of good luck, and joined the other guests in taking a seat. Due to Teddy's substantial lack of relatives, the guests from both sides were all mixed in together, and Rose and Scorpius took a few rows from the front next to Albus.

'I don't know what Teddy was thinking, letting James be best man,' Albus sighed, peering through the heads in search of his older brother.

'Ah, there he is!' exclaimed Scorpius, and indeed James had finally appeared beside the groom, and it was evident that all attempts to tame his wild, black hair had failed miserably.

The opening notes of a violin's melody announced the bride's emergence. And indeed, upon turning their heads all were struck by the most glorious sight. Victoire looked radiant, her pale skin emitting a brilliant, silver glow; her golden hair tumbling down her back, little lilac flowers and daisies tangled in the locks. But it was her dress that drew gasps of wonder, the light, creamy layers appearing to flutter around her in the light breeze; strands of silver thread spread down the skirt like little rivers in the brilliant sun; and the light fabric drawn in at her waist by a small, lilac string, causing it to cling lightly to her shimmering skin. Bill walked beside her, greying ponytail still in place, his own appearance improved by his daughter's beauty as her glow seemed to fade the scars that marred his features still.

Behind her came the bridesmaids, in mid-length dresses of the same floating, fabric that twirled around them, though theirs was of a soft purple. Dominique glittered like her sister, with a daisy chain crowning her pale yellow bob, while Roxanne followed, her dark skin glowing under the sun and her brown eyes shimmering like gold. Lily came last, and Scorpius' eyes could not but widen at the shocking intensity of her splendour. Her long, flaming hair was drawn back into a fishtail plait that lay softly over her shoulder, little wild flowers intermingling with the strands of fire. Her freckles were like stars of the night sky powdering her ivory skin, while her full lips were a pale pink and shimmered like wet paint, and her slender but strong body caressed lightly by that twirling purple cloth.

The four girls glided like a class of goddesses, silencing all who laid eyes on them; especially Teddy, who gazed at Victoire as if there were nothing else in the universe but that bright, bright star. When Lily passed Scorpius, and her glittering lips curved into a smirk, he could not help but smile back, caught up entirely in the beauty of this faery child with her crown of wild flowers.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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