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Re: Accidentally In Love

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to vivjad, MissGryffindor, HogwartsWizard, and BrightestWitch for the lovely feedback. I hope you all enjoy this next chapter! The point of view is different for this one....but it's definitely important! Enjoy!

Chapter Forty-Six

The Easter holidays were in full swing and the kids had been home for a little over a week. It had been uneventful for the most part, aside from dodging reporters when they went for ice cream in Diagon Alley. In the weeks since the article, a few more similar pieces had been printed, but with no new information to slander around all the negativity had died down for the most part. Photographers and reporters still hoped to get a good photo or quote from the children of the war heroes, but between James, Louis, and Al, no one got close. Fred, for his part, made it rain orange juice on a photographer who was sneaking behind a plant outside of Flourish and Blotts when Lily and Roxy went in for a birthday gift for Dana. Luckily the reporter never saw Fred (the invisibility cloak is great even outside of school) so he couldn’t report on the event.

Dana, who had turned seventeen the second day of the holidays had had a wonderful time with her family. Her father’s brother, who lived in America, was going to be returning to England. His company sent him to the states for a five year program, and now the time was up. He, along with his wife and three children, would be moving back in the summer. Dana was thrilled. She loved each of her little cousins, being an only child, and enjoyed having a lot of family around. She was sitting in the hammock in her front garden watching them play when something very peculiar happened.

The middle child in her uncle’s family, Davis, wanted his older brother to give him the football, but Jeremy, the older brother, was taunting the younger one. He kept dribbling the ball a bit away from his brother at the last second. Davis kept tailing his brother, kicking at his shins in an attempt to retrieve the ball, but the older brother had just enough more skill to keep the ball away. Dana was thinking of intervening when Jeremy tripped and the ball went sailing toward Davis. Swiftly the younger boy took off, kicking the ball the opposite direction from his older brother.

Something about the way Jeremy tripped and how it didn’t look as though he’d actually kicked the ball at all, much less hard enough for it to go right for Davis caught Dana’s attention. There was something in the air, something she couldn’t put her finger on. In a moment she realized what it was.


She had her wand on her, but she hadn’t cast a spell in the last hour. She had to admit she had been enjoying her new freedom in using magic outside of school; showing off for her parents when they were alone in the house. With her family visiting, however, she had only cast some spells in her room for the last few days, seeing as none of them knew of her magical abilities.

She began to look around, wondering if perhaps her friends had somehow managed to visit using magic, although she was the oldest and none of them had come of age yet. Roxy would be in a few days’ time, but until then she was still under the Trace and wouldn’t be able to legally use magic. Not that that always stopped the Weasley children of course, but she felt certain the magic wasn’t coming from anyone she knew. In fact, she had only just realized there was a feeling to the air when magic was performed. The only magic she had done before entering was accidental and she hadn’t understood what was going on. Once at school, magic was so prevalent it was just a constant. She had realized once back in the muggle world, being the only witch she knew of for miles that there was a feeling to using magic. She had noticed it the times she’d performed spells since being home.

Accidental magic?

Her mind was reeling with a theory that popped into her head as she considered everything she knew about magical application and theory. She sat straight up in the hammock, almost falling from it, her eyes boring into her two cousins. Jeremy was back on his feet now and had caught up with Davis, who wasn’t in the mood to share the football with his brother. Dana understood; she’d seen Jeremy picking on Davis a lot, the older reveling in being just that: older. She felt certain Davis was plum sick of being the butt of jokes and constantly beaten at everything by his brother. She watched them carefully.

Jeremy now had the ball in his hands and she could hear Davis yelling about a hand-ball and the illegality of it. She heard Jeremy’s snotty retort about how they weren’t actually playing a game when suddenly there was a loud pop! And the ball burst into tiny pieces in Jeremy’s hands. Dana’s skin prickled with that feeling again and she felt certain of her theory now.

Without too much thought she ran to the back garden and into the shed there. She took a deep breath and turned on the spot. Although she hadn’t been allowed to take the apparition test before the holidays (missed the cut off by two days) she was confident in her abilities and without a hitch she opened her eyes and was now facing the Ottery St. Catchpole home of her boyfriend. She didn’t hesitate and ran up the front walk and used the large Lion’s head knocker to knock on the door. After a moment a young woman with flaming red hair swung the door open.

“Dana!” Rose exclaimed.

“Hi Rose,” Dana smiled, her heart still racing.

“Come in, come in,” the older girl moved aside and Dana entered the home she’d visited a few times in her school career. When she spent time with the Weasley family it was usually on the Potter side, so she’d only been to Hugo’s house a few times. Rose pulled her into a hug and grinned. “Heard you are finally with Hugo! I’m so happy for you both,” she squeezed Dana’s hand, making the younger girl give a slight blush and smile.

“Thanks Rose, me too,” she looked around as she heard someone coming down the steps. Upon closer inspection she realized it was two someone’s.

“Dana!” Hugo cried and rushed her, planting a kiss on her mouth and holding her close for a few seconds. “What are you doing here love? Did I forget that we had plans?” He looked worried and Dana had to laugh. Rose and Al, the other person coming down the stairs, also laughed.

“No, I just had to come. The most amazing thing happened this afternoon!”

“Come in and tell us all about it!” Hugo led her to the sitting room off the foyer and the four of them sat down, Dana and Hugo facing the fireplace with Rose and Al off to one side.. Dana shared what she’d seen and felt, and the three others all marveled over the situation with her.

“Is it really common for there to be more than one muggleborn in a family?” She asked.

“Not really,” Al shook his head, “although I don’t think it’s unheard of, it is rare.”

Rose was about to say something when the front door opened and Mrs. Hermione Weasley came in, calling for Hugo and Rose to help her with the groceries. Both her children and nephew stood and quickly went to her aide. Dana, although not normally shy, suddenly felt very bashful and nervous in front of Hugo’s mother. She hadn’t seen either of Hugo’s parents on the platform the day they arrived home for Easter, so this was the first time she would be seeing her as more than a friend to her son.

“Dana’s here Mum,” Hugo said as he took a bag from his mother. Hermione turned and saw the young brunette facing her and looking nervous.

“Dana sweetheart!” She pulled the young girl into a hug and placed her hands on either side of her face when they pulled apart. “I’m so happy for you and Hugo,” she whispered and grinned at Dana. Although still slightly nervous, she couldn’t help but grin back and whisper her thanks to her boyfriend’s mother. “So, what brings you to Devon?” She motioned for her to follow and they all entered the kitchen, Dana also picking up a grocery bag.

“I was just telling Hugo that I saw my cousin perform magic today!”

Mrs. Weasley whipped around and cocked her head to the side. “Really? I thought you were muggleborn.”

“I am,” Dana shrugged, “but I’m certain…” she went on to explain the situation again and Mrs. Weasley listened carefully, interjecting a question here or there and nodding along.

“It’s not unheard of,” Mrs. Weasley said when Dana had told everything, “but it isn’t very common either. We had one set of related muggleborns at Hogwarts when we were there. The Creevey brothers; I think that’s what has me a bit skeptical. If there is more than one with magical abilities in a muggle family, it’s usually siblings, not cousins.”

“It is possible though?” Dana said hopefully. She would love to be able to share the magical part of her life with more of her family. Mrs. Weasley patted her shoulder and smiled.

“Definitely possible,” she looked thoughtful. “There is a way to know for sure. What is his name?”

“Davis Jemison.”

Without another word she went to the sitting room, Hugo, Dana, Al, and Rose all following close behind. She grabbed a handful of floo powder from the basin next to the fireplace, threw it in and stuck just her head in the fireplace. They didn’t hear what her destination was, and although Dana had heard Lily and Hugo talk about such a thing, she’d never seen someone communicate with floo powder before. It made her heart ache for the day she would live in a wizarding home all the time. After a few moments she emerged with a smile in her face.

“You’re right Dana. On the register for the upcoming school year is a muggleborn boy named David Jemison. He has been living in America, but is moving back?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yes,” Dana was slightly taken aback at how much about him they knew. “How did you know that?”

Mrs. Weasley gave a kind smile. “Professor McGonagall and the ministry have to keep tabs on muggleborns. Every so often there is a problem that has to be addressed so they can be tracked down easily.”

“Oh,” Dana hadn’t really given much thought to the wizarding world knowing much about her life before she turned eleven. Like herself, she had thought the world didn’t know her until she was eleven, just has she hadn’t known about the world. The news Mrs. Weasley shared sunk in and she felt herself smiling broadly. “So, Davis is a wizard? He’ll be going to Hogwarts?”

“He’ll definitely receive a letter,” Mrs. Weasley smiled. “This summer, in fact. Is he eleven yet?”

“Yes,” something else Dana hadn’t thought about. His birthday was last month and he had indeed turned eleven. “You mean, he’ll be a first year my seventh year?”

“From the sound of it, yes,” Mrs. Weasley smiled. “In fact, Minerva said you could tell him and his family of Hogwarts. She asked that an adult accompany you, but she said it would save her some trouble. Apparently there are a record number of muggleborns for the coming year. She said they have already been working on the schedule for visiting them and taking
them to buy their school things.”

Dana smiled, remembering when Professor Longbottom brought her letter and explained about the wizarding world to herself and her parents. She had never thought about the need for him or another teacher to have to visit all the muggleborns every year. The same time she was talking with him, Landon and the others from their year must have been talking with others.

“With your knowledge of our world, she said there would be no need to send someone to help with the shopping since he can just go with you the day you go.”

“But I can go ahead and tell him?” She wondered how her uncle and aunt would take the news. Her parents had been shocked but supportive. She hoped Uncle Charles would be the same.

“Yes, as long as you have someone else with you. Although you are a legal witch now,” at this Hugo squeezed her arm and smiled, “someone with official clearance will have to accompany you.”

“So who would that be?”

“Well,” Mrs. Weasley grinned, “in our family that would be myself, Ron, Granddad, Harry, Percy, Teddy, James, and Louis. Take your pick,” she laughed.

They worked out the details, deciding that Hermione Weasley would go with her that very evening to talk to her aunt and uncle. Dana felt like she was the best choice seeing as she was a muggleborn herself and understood the situation better than any of the others. Hugo also wanted to go, but his mother said no because they would be overwhelmed enough as it. So it was with excitement that he hugged her and gave her a chaste kiss (his mother was waiting only a few feet away), wishing her luck.

The thought of sharing Hogwarts and the wizarding world with Davis was extremely exciting for Dana and as she grasped Mrs. Weasley’s arm to apparate (legally this time) she felt tears form in her eyes. She wouldn’t be hiding from her family any longer. They would know who she was and how much she loved her life as a witch. She only hoped they would be accepting of the news.


Thank you all for reading! I know it doesn't seem like it, but this fic is getting close to conclusion. Introducing Davis really makes me feel like it's almost over. Which is exciting, but also sad.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'd love to know what you think if you have moment to leave some feedback. Thanks so much!

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