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Re: A Total Change of Plans

So I've written 4 chapters so far for ATCOP, and I'm just going to quickly update this thread with all of them! Hope you enjoy!



“No way!” I whispered to the others as we walked out into the open. “It’s the Leaky Cauldron. Look, there’s Tom behind the bar and oh wow, there’s Hagrid! Let’s go ask him to help us.”

Brad was terrified, but he followed us anyway. We maneuvered carefully through the crowd of people in the Leaky Cauldron. I scanned the faces for more familiar ones but none stood out to me. When we reached Hagrid, I stared at him in wonder. It was so strange that he was so similar to the book. He was incredibly large, with the same shaggy brown hair and bear, in the same scruffy appearance. He loomed over the bar, sipping on some drink.

“Mr. Hagrid, sir. I was wondering if you could help us?” Skye asked with a nervous smile.

‘”Maybe, what do yeh need ‘elp with?” he asked back, turning away from the bar and looking down. “Why, yer just youngin’s, you are. Come outside, yeh shouldn’t be in ‘ere. Not safe.”

He got up and left some silver coins on the bar. He motioned for us to follow him, and we did quite closely. A lot of the inhabitants of the Leaky Cauldron were staring at us, a few of them almost hungrily. A woman reached out to touch Brad’s shoulder and I swear he jumped three feet into the air. He scurried right behind Hagrid, almost touching his heels.

“What is it yeh need, then?” he asked once we were outside in the bright sun.

“Well, y-you see sir-“ I squinted, looking up at him.

‘Don’t go callin’ me sir now. Hagrid ‘s just fine.’

“Well, si- Hagrid, we’re Muggles I think, but obviously there’s been something wrong because we’ve ended up with wands and w-we didn’t know we were magical, si- Hagrid.”

“Well, looks like we got some Muggleborns ‘ere, don’t we,” he smiled kindly down at us. “That’s quite alright, we’ll just have to go pay ol’ Dumbledore a visit.”

“B-but, I thought Dumbledore, y-you know, passed a-away?” Skye stammered.

“Oh, I see yeh’ve been listening to tha Muggle story called ‘Arry Potter?” They all nodded. “Well, listen ‘ere, that stuff is all made up, see. None of tha’ ever happened here. Harry Potter is still only eleven years ol’, just like yerselves. His parents defeated You-Know-Who ‘cause the Order of the Phoenix helped just in tha nick of time. Don’t believe everythin’ you read.” He shook a giant finger at them.

“But, you see Hagrid, we didn’t believe in all this magic stuff until we crawled through the little tunnel in Laya’s house and ended up in the Leaky Cauldron!” replied Brad, exasperated.

“Ah, I see. Well let’s just get along to Dumbledore’s house and maybe he can explain all this better than I can.” And he walked back into the Leaky Cauldron. We all looked at each other and hurried in after him.

“Instead of apparation, because I’m sure you can’t do tha’, we’re gonna use the Floo,” he said cheerfully.

“Oh, do we have to? Won’t it get me dirty?” asked Skye. Hagrid just laughed and walked up stairs while Skye pouted and followed with the others.

“Hagrid, how come we’re not using the Floo that’s downstairs?” I asked, looking around at the worn down walls of the Leaky Cauldron Inn.

“‘Cause it’ll draw too much attention considerin’ I know everyone down there. Plus, we can’t speak Dumbledore’s address aloud,” he replied.

“Oh, you mean the Fidelius Charm is placed on it?” asked Brad.

Hagrid stared at Brad for a second, a faint smile hidden behind his scruffy beard. “You lot sure know a bit about our world. Yes, of course. It’s Dumbledore’s house, it’s got to be protected.” He picked up a little bag with green powder and held it out to them. “Who’s going first?”

“I will,” I smiled nervously and put my hand into the little bag.

With Hagrid encouraging me - ‘Just a bit, there yeh go…’ - I took a small handful out and walked into the fireplace.

“Just say ‘Dumbledore’s House’ nice and clear, and it’ll know where to go,” Hagrid said.

I pronounced loud and clear, ‘Dumbledore’s House’, and dropped the powder. I tucked in her elbows and closed my eyes getting ready for all the soot. Then felt a weird spinning sensation. Just like in the book, I thought. Within thirty seconds, my feet hit solid ground, followed by my hands and knees smashing after them. Soot whirled up and I coughed like crazy.

I started at a loud and strong voice, ‘Who goes there?’ and picked myself up quickly.

‘S-Sorry sir, for intruding. B-but my name is Laya Melrosen and Hagrid has sent m-me,’ I stumbled, brushing myself off.

Then all the dust cleared and I could see the famous figure of Albus Dumbledore. My eyes widened. He looked so similar to the Dumbledore from the books. His eyes twinkled, his beard was just as white, and his smile was just as warm.

“He’s sent all of you?” he asked, while sitting at his desk in his famous position - fingertips touching and leaning against his mouth. I turned around and saw the others coughing and spluttering behind her while they dusted themselves off.

“Yes, P-Professor Dumbledore, sir. He’s sent all three of us. I’m sure he’ll be along in a minute,” she replied, just as they all heard a loud pop, making the children jump and look around quickly for the noise make. Dumbledore just smiled larger.

‘Why Hagrid, I see you’ve found yourself some friends?’ he asked the big shaggy figure that had just appeared out of nowhere. So that’s apparation, I thought to herself.

‘Yes, Professor Dumbledore, sir. You should ‘ear their story! They came upta me in the Leaky Cauldron, they did. Asked me if I could ‘elp ‘em and I thought maybe you could ‘elp ‘em more than I can.” He then told Albus Dumbledore our whole story. After he had heard it all, Dumbledore was silent for some time. A few minutes passed and he finally spoke.

“Well, obviously we do have some Muggleborns here and they will need to go to Hogwarts, but first I ought to go have a chat with all of their parents so they know what’s going on. I’m sure they’re quite worried, you know. Could you give me your full names?”

He said this all pretty fast even though the Dumbledore from books talks slow, I mused.

“Laya Lou Melrosen.”

“Skye Marie Fitzgerald.”

“B-Bradley Smith.”

“Alright, now we shall go to your homes. Do you think there is a safe place to apparate anywhere in your neighbourhood?” he asked.

“You could probably apparate right into my attic, sir. But I there are plenty of bookshelves and books everywhere so just be careful where you land,” I smiled.

‘You three children hold on tight to each other and each of you grab my arms,” he replied while standing up to join us.

“Are you sure, Professor Dumbledore, sir? When Harry described what it felt like in the fifth Harry Potter book it sounds like it hurts,” mumbled Brad.

“Oh, it might twinge a bit, Mr. Smith, but I assure you it won’t hurt.” We scrambled around him and said goodbye to Hagrid. Within a second we had poofed out of the room, leaving Hagrid with a satisfied smile on his face.


“OUCH! Brad, that is my foot!” squealed Skye.

“Sorry! Why is it so dark in here?!” answered Brad.

“Have you forgotten you’re a wizard already, Mr. Smith?” Dumbledore chuckled, shaking his head at the hopping Skye, cringing Brad and I.

I moved to the spot beside the door where the switch was and flicked it on. Everyone’s faces were lit in the darkness and Brad was still cringing because of the smack on his arm Skye had given him after he landed on her foot. Dumbledore smiled at her, and walked briskly to the stairs.

“Wait! Professor Dumbledore, sir, I think I should go down and make sure my aunt isn’t there. If she finds out it’ll be all over town in seconds,” I smiled apologetically.

“Very reasonable, Ms. Melrosen,’ he replied holding the door open for me as I rushed down the stairs. I looked in on the living room to find my parents watching a soccer game between England and the United States.

“Mum? Dad? Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked timidly.

“Yeah, sure dear,” she replied, muting the television from the roars of the English spectators because of the goal England had just successfully made.

“Okay, I know this will sound pretty unbelievable, but you should know right now that I do have proof of it and I will show you if it comes to it. I need your complete attention, Dad,” she added as her father looked back at the television set. His head snapped back and he smiled.

“Sorry, sweetie,’ he laughed.

“Well, you see… I’m a witch,” I started.

Her parents looked at each other and burst out laughing. I grimaced and glanced up the stairs to the shadows of Dumbledore, Skye and Brad’s face. After they had calmed down and my face when from crimson to pink, mum spoke up while still giggling.

“Um, ok I know you may think you’re a witch dear, but the thing is there’s no such thing.”

“Yes there is, Mum. You even said so yourself before. There are White Witches, you said that Nana knew one,” she whined. “I have proof.”

“Alright, dear. What’s your proof?” He abruptly stopped chuckling and spluttered, turning white.

“What’s wrong?!” asked my mum frantically. He pointed towards the stairs.


“Yes, that would be my name,” he said politely bowing to mum and shaking my daddy’s hand. “I see that you have changed quite a lot since you were young, Lynna,’ he added to my mum’s stunned face.

“Y-you knew me when I was young?” she asked exasperated.

“Yes, of course dear. And I knew your mother and her mother, your great grandmother and your great-great grandmother.”

“Really? That’s so cool. You knew almost my whole generation!” I exclaimed as Skye and Brad slowly came down the stairs. Her mother turned white again.

“Oh no! Please tell me you haven’t heard the conversation we were just having?” she asked.

The three of us, and Dumbledore himself, chuckled as I filled my parents in on the experience of finding the pathway into the Leaky Cauldron and seeing Hagrid. At this point her mother asked, “Is he really big like they described in the books?” to which I answered, ‘Yes Mum, very big.” Then I talked about meeting Dumbledore and finally coming back here.

“Well, you have had quite an adventure, Laya. I do hope we can get down to - how do you say it? - business?” mused Dumbledore.

“Yes, sir, that’s right,” chuckled Brad.

“Hm, alright then. Well as you may now see Mr. and Mrs. Melrosen, you’re daughter and her two friends are quite magical. Laya and her friends will certainly attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He now turned to the children. “I have here three letters which will tell you all the information about Hogwarts and where to get your supplies and such. Have fun and don’t forget to not use magic unless in need and do not show your Muggle neighbours either.”

“Yes, sir,” we replied in unison while we opened our letters as carefully as possible so as not to rip the front of the wonderful old parchment with emerald green writing. I ran over to her parents’ sides so they could all read it. This is what it said:



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Laya Melrosen,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all the necessary books and equipment.

Term begins of September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

“What’s a Mugwump?” asked Brad.

“Oh yes, of course you wouldn’t know, my apologies. A Supreme Mugwump is the head of the International Confederations of Wizards. I think Muggles call it a politician?’ he added.

“I guess you could say that,” my dad laughed. “So this equipment and these books, how do we buy them?”

“Dad, you should’ve read the Harry Potter books. You have to go to Gringotts which is located in Diagon Alley. To get to Diagon Alley you have to go through the Leaky Cauldron which only wizards and witches can see. Once you get to Gringotts, you have to change the British money into Sickles, Knuts, and Galleons,” I explained to the dumbfounded face of my dad.

“I couldn’t have put it better myself, Ms. Melrosen,’ smiled Dumbledore. “I’m guessing this book of yours does not show you how to get to Diagon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron though, hm?”

“Well it does, actually,” replied Brad sitting up straighter from his slouching position on the couch. “Hagrid showed Harry in the first book. You have to do certain taps on the brick wall out back of the pub. If I watched my movie of the first book I could most likely get the combination correct.”

“I see, but there is a much easier way,” he replied. “Just take the Floo, of course. Yes it may make you a bit dirty and may give you the coughs but it is much quicker.”

“But in the second book when Harry takes the Floo, he takes it to the wrong place because he pronounced it wrong. He ended up in Knockturn Alley,” Skye said and then shuddered at the thought.

“Hm, yes, pronunciation may be tricky but anyone who is scared of taking the Floo can stay behind and apparate with me,” said Dumbledore showing them a little bag. “But first we must visit the other houses of Mr. Smith and Miss. Edwards. Laya may stay if she wants or she could come. That is up to her parents,” he added with his sparkling eyes and smile.

“She can go if she wishes while we go get –“ my mum stopped as there was a knock at the door. Then they heard a very familiar voice.

“Jenny! Tom? Where are you?” It was aunt Sue.

“Albus, you must go now. If she sees you things could get sticky. My sister has such a big mouth, you know. Sorry for kicking you out so quickly,” she added in a low whisper.

“Oh it’s quite alright. I’ll just apparate upstairs to your attic with the children,”’ he said and we hurried over to take his arms. A swift turn and we were gone again. We heard the faint voices of my parents and aunt Sue, which were too faint to understand.

“Sorry for this, Professor Dumbledore. My aunt is a big blabber mouth and the whole Muggle world would know about the magical world in seconds if she found out. Well at least after she woke up from her faint,” she added with a whisper while the others laughed.

“That’s fine, my dear. I think I should be off to Brad’s and Skye’s –” he started but stopped quite suddenly as the door opened. It was my parents. ‘Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was all three of you. Where has your sister gone, Mrs. Melrosen?”

“She left. She just needed to borrow a few eggs for something,” she smiled.

“Perhaps she’s baking a cake? Mmm,” he mumbled, rubbing his stomach.

"Death is but the next great adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

go 'claws!

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