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Re: The Midnight Flight

Chapter 5 – The Close Call
Touching the bike down in the field they spot George sitting in a chair twirling his wand. “You two are 15 minutes late,” George explained tapping his wrist.

“Muggle police,” James explained, “But everything is fine.”

“It better be, now you two head back up to your beds. I’ll put the bike away.”

“Thanks, Uncle George,” they both said turning away to walk back to the house.

That evening James and Albus were up in their rooms discussing the effectiveness of the Dopplebeater Defense when Harry came in shutting the door behind him looking rather upset. “I just got home from work today, and there was talk around the office that the Ministry found a muggle police officer petrified in an alley. When they unpetrified him he started babbling about two boys on a bike with a stick. Do you two know anything about this?” Harry asked suspiciously.

Looking at each other James replied, “Nope but if it wasn’t for Aunt Hermione’s enchantments whether we said we were innocent or not it wouldn’t look good for us would it. But thankfully her paranoia leaves us innocent.”

“Innocent until proven guilty that is” Harry added with a cautious look at the two. “If I ever find proof that either of you two were behind this your mother will be the least of your concerns.” Harry warned them turning to leave their room.

Once their dad was gone the two boys exchanged a fist bump, “Phew that was too close James” Albus sighed.

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