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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

sweets7 and katyscarlett - just for your info, my midwife-friend tells me it is awfully easy to get pregnant, even when taking all the usual precautions. knowing remus, i suspect that he and tonks were consciously trying not to get pregnant, partly because of remus' reservations, and partly because during a war is not the most convenient time to have children. i think it was very much unintentional.

credo - (greetings from scotland!) i like your analysis of his character development, almost as if he is only going through a part of adolescence now. it makes me wonder even more what his (emotional) life was like between james' death and poa - was there any chance of emotional maturing then?

i think something must have happened just before this scene to make him panic particularly badly. he seems to have known she was pregnant from harry's birthday (when he looks "rather unhappy" p. 101 UK). his visit to gp12 is about 4 days later. perhaps he was too busy getting his wife to safety from voldemort, and then once she was safe with her parents he freaked...

which reminds me, her father was on the run and eventually killed, was she not in a lot of danger during that time?

anyway, i can only imagine that it was a moment of panic when remus ran off to join harry and co. i can picture andromeda and tonks starting to go on about baby-names and cots and strollers and suddenly it all hit remus like a ton of bricks - this is real! (my husband certainly used to get slightly panicky when children came up, and he's not contagious...) and then he freaked out, told tonks he was going to go check on harry, and convinced himself that harry's was the greater need and that he was being self-sacrificing and loving.

i disagree with harry's accusation that he wanted to be "a daredevil...stepping into sirius' shoes." (p. 176 UK) i don't think that is ever the adult remus' character - i think harry is being angry and irrational. after all, just after calling him a "daredevil" he calls him a "coward." (this is not a discrepancy on jk's part - we humans commonly get self-contradictory when angry).

i was really shocked by this scene, i never expected remus' insecurity to stretch to such behaviour, i thought he was more rational than that. but, well, there was a lot going on in his life.

the death: i was disappointed that this wasn't described. it was very by the by. i can definitely imagine that he was defending tonks, but that sort of thing would have fit gloriously into the books' themes, so why not include it?

Originally Posted by Credo Buffa View Post
I do think he probably lived away from her for some time. Ron does say after he returns to Harry and Hermione that Tonks and Lupin are living together again (or whatever the direct quotation is), but I have no reason to believe that it wasn't something that they'd devised together as a smart course of action anyway. Although it is also possible that they might have argued over Lupin's decision to leave (if she ever found out about it, because I think its clear that he made that choice independent of her) or over something related and needed to spend a little time apart. It happens.
i think the seperation must have been after the argument with harry, because he saw harry only 4 days after bill and fleur's wedding, and i'm sure he made sure tonks was safe after the death eater attack - he's not that careless.

p.s. i wonder if part of the reason he freaked out at this time was beacause of the time of month...? (we all understand...)

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