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Re: Dumbledore's Portrait : Can it speak? Will it be able to help Harry? v2

Originally Posted by HesHPfan View Post
It's said somewhere that the portraits can only use catch prases often used by the person. However we have seen portraits giving messages, that feels as a contridiction... maybe there are various levels of magical paintings. If there are, it's likely Dumbledore will have a version which could possibly give advice? [I know this is all based on speculation]
We did see that the portraits did quite a lot, Dumbledore used them quite effectively, but I don't think that advice was ever given from them.
Originally Posted by Araminta View Post
i think if harry cant communicate to dumbledore in at least one of those ways hes in big trouble. i dont think jkr wouldve killed him off without a loophole. i think that the portrait of dumbledore in the heads office will be essential...but that also means that harry does have to return to hogwarts at some point. i dont know if harry had realised at the end of hbp that he could communicate with dumbledore through the portrait.
JK has already said that they are only a shadow of the person when they were alive and can only really say things that they have said when they were alive. It could be that this is all that is needed.
I don't think that Harry is going to be able to walk up to the portrait, like he did when Dumbledore was alive, put a question to it and get an answer.
However if he is talking, it could be that the portrait could repeat something that Dumbledore said when he was alive, and this could jangle Harry's memory.
Just a thought.

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