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Re: Dumbledore's Portrait : Can it speak? Will it be able to help Harry? v2

Originally Posted by The_Pensive View Post
There seems to be three levels of these magical pictures/paintings.

level 1- Chocolate Frog cards: lowest level of interaction, seem to just sit around, sleep, and leave their image.

level 2- Weasley family photo, old order picture: More interactive, like the old order picture, can move more animately and react to people who talk to them (but can't talk).

level 3- Phineas, fat lady: Can talk, have intelligent reactions and emotions, enter other's portraits, and as of now have always been paintings, not pictures.

We know that headmaster/mistress paintings are level 3's, so it can be assumed that everything Phineas or the fat lady has done can be done by dumbledore's portrait. So there doesn't seem to be any restrictions on the portraits personality, memories, or ideas because Phineas expresses his (assumed) original ideas. I doubt that dumbledore will suddenly tell everything just because harry asks, regardless that he has a portrait now.
That is a great way to categorize the three levels. However, there is a difference between the Portraits of the Heads and Paintings like the Fat Lady or Sir Cadogan. The portraits are pics of real people... Where as the other various paintings around the castle that can talk and move and interact are fictional pictures.

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