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Re: Muggle Quidditch 2.0?!

Hey guys. Um, I have to tell you that you're really close and I know this because I already found the website and did what it said... and got the next clue.

I'm not at this point giving the exact answer but I am going to clear up what each riddle is referring to so anyone who wants to leave a little mystery, please don't read further.

I don't want to take the fun out of it but I will tell you that the first three each give you a word. The three words are the domain of the web address.

The first word is referring to that 1792 Triwizard tournament.
The second word is referring the the galleons that Hermione charmed in Order of the Phoenix.
The third word is referring to the Wimbourne wasps.

The fourth and fifth riddles give you a username and password that have to be entered to access the website.

The fourth riddle is referring to Ludo Bagman's brother.
As everybody has already figured out, the fifth riddle gives us 'veritas'.

If people want me to just post the web address instead of making you keep guessing then just let me know. If everybody is ready to move on I'm happy to post it here. Personally, the second clue is driving me nuts and I can't find info about it anywhere! So I would love more people to be sent that one. *grins*

Good luck and thank you because the only way I got the website right was by looking at your posts. The only reason I didn't post sooner was because I had to join up here first...

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