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Re: Will Harry die in Deathly Hallows? v5

people...i have an idea going around my head...
what if harry kills of voldemort, yet it is not a happy ending..i always say that the fact that magic is present in the wizarding world, it is not perfect at all..what is more, there is corruption in power, aristocracy that want to rule out non pure wizards, so perhaps harry kills of voldemort, but other enemy appears...who knows...

i think that Jo will come out (in fact came out) with some idea that no one could have ever thinked about...i dunno..after the horcruxes in the sixth book i can expect anything from jo...she keeps surprising me..

and people, who can answer me? i have a doubt...
what happens if someone, other than voldemort, manages to AK harry? can he die? what happens with the AK?

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