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Re: The Hunger Games

I'm really excited for Mockingjay. Really trying to keep my mind open as the release date approaches. I'm currently listening to the audiobooks to refresh my mind. I'm on Catching Fire right now.

I hate the Team talk, Maybe because I have not jumped on the Saint Peeta train yet. I really don't why is it, but part of me expects something more from Peeta than being the selfless, good-natured boy-with-bread that loves Katniss. I'm expecting a big surprise out of him in Mockingjay.

I connect more with Gale as a character. He has a more round personality for my taste, and I found him to be very much like Katniss. I like their unspoken connection.

They both have been there for Katniss. Gale throughout the struggle of their every day life (Chp 8 of HG is a very insightful chapter on their relationship), and Peeta throughout the Games and, inevitably, afterward. The strong emotional ties for both are meant to be there because of the hard things she has have to experience with them. That's why it's so hard to sort feelings out while they are still in the middle of the mess. BUT since to me the romance aspect of the plot is complete dependent on the results of the rebellion, on who will survive or not, as well as on the information we are yet to know, I'll refrain myself from making further judgment.

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
But I think there will be casualties with the Capitol so bent on subduing the rebellion and with President Snow holding Katniss responsible for inciting it. I can see Katniss losing people close to her in Mockingjay.
I believe so too. I would also add that both Peeta and Gale are big contenders for that end.

Frankly, my faith is on Suzanne Collins and her writing. I hope she'll serve the story before anything else, even if it'll be hard to see our characters go. I'll be destroyed, but story first, sentimentalisms for the Epilogue, please.
*gets Breaking Dawn tics*


I'm really interest to know how far back the rebellion plans go, who were involve, who knew more than Katniss, and how much? Even Gale and Peeta could be somehow involve to some extent (massive speculation here! ). There is so much we don't know because Katniss is just realizing that a rebellion has been blowing up in throughout Panem thanks (and unbeknown) to her. Katniss' berries move and the Quarter Quell were the catalysts, but how was the reaction set in motion? Who has been working for this behind the scenes?

We don't know much about District 13 and what has been happening there. I can even began to explain how curios I am. I'm expecting a bunch of surprises from District 13.

Haymitch is one of my favorites in the books. I love Haymitch (even if that makes me weird) because he knows a lot more than we think he does, and he's a lot wiser than we think he is. Oh, yes, he is trouble.


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