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Re: The Hunger Games

Originally Posted by GinnyIsGenius View Post
Oh, I don't like it either. Not on such absolute level. Especially when talking about Gale, who seems to be a popular theory in the webzzzz because of his vocal pro-rebellion leanings. As for Peeta, that would definitely give him the substance I think his character is lacking ... but maybe that's just my Peeta paranoia speaking.
I certainly don't think Peeta is as innocent and straightforward as he's portrayed. He did kill the girl who lit the fire, the one that Cato thought he'd killed. And while all the other victors in CF have kiled, too, I think it's overlooked, even by them - Finnick reckons that Peeta's not like the rest of them, that he won the Games out of luck, rather than anything else. I think he could be quite determined, with something to motivate him -as in HG. It could be well into Mockingjay before we find out what happened to him, unless the rebels are able to find out from inside sources in the Capitol.

As for Gale's involvement, I don't think he'd have the patience to sit and wait if he knew District 13 was real, that something real was being planned against the Capitol. His anger against the Capitol lends itself much more to immediate action, not slow-burning plans.

I think revolutions are orchestrated, they have to be organized, at least to some level, in order to work and be successful. This is not done in a couple of month. I believe is very possible that something had been in the works already for God knows how many years before. Not in a extremely calculated way, 'cause like you said, no one could predict how people are going to respond. But I do believe the berries stunt brought Panem together, and that the "rebellion front" jumped at the opportunity.

Do I believe the first games were set up by the "revolution front"? Frankly, no. Do I believe there IS a rebellion front that had been working towards a revolution, before Katniss ever thought of the berries? I'm leaning for YES. Even Katniss is aware that they need someone to direct them.
I totally agree that the rebellion had been planned for a long time -according to what Haymitch tells Katniss at the end of CF, it's been going on for years. What I find hard to believe is that they orchestrated the situation where a tribute would defy the Capitol. I can believe that Plutarch Heavensbee might have influenced Seneca Crane to let both Katniss and Peeta live, if the Gamemakers were together at the time. I agree that the revolutionary group saw an opportunity and capitalised on it.

Who is part of this rebellion front? I have no idea ... other than the obvious choice, Plutarch. But I don't think neither of them are at the top of the chain. It could be anyone really! Then add the others characters have joined the movement as the story developed. Cinna, for example (if indeed he asked for District 12 with no other intention than to prove himself as a stylist), or Finnick, and the other victors. IMO, Haymitch could go either way.
I wonder if the tv interviewer (Caesar Flickerman, I think) is involved, or at least sympathetic. In HG, he seemed to be aware there was a lot on the line, that Katniss needed to prove that she acted out of love, not defiance. And in CF, he seemed aware that the Mockingjay was more than a token. (A lot of the Capitol people were probably oblivious, like the stylists, believing what they were told about shortages being due to storms). The victors who were involved in the plot to protect Katniss and Peeta/escape from the arena were probably involved in the group. It's possible that other victors, who weren't selected, also knew something.

John Granger (Potter Pundit) has a HUGE theory running around about it being Madge's mother and District 12 mayor's wife (who we have only heard of until now) being the "true Mockingjay", as he calls her. He points out lots of reason, but mainly (1) she has access to information, thanks to her husband's status, and (2) her twin sister (Haymitch former love) was a victim of the Games. Curiosly enough, the Mockingjay pin belonged to her before it was given to Katniss, and the family's name is Undersee.
He expands quite a lot on his theory. It's quite exhausting, but it's interesting to see how he connects the dots according to his interpretation. He calls it 'The Pearl Plot'.

You can read his complete set of posts Hunger Games Post at there, if you're interested. I recommend starting in the older entries.

I don't agree completely with them, especially once he tried to expand and make it bigger, including almost every character into it, but I believe he is going to get a bunch of stuff right.
That's actually where I read the theory that everyone except Katniss knew what was going planned. I agree, he makes some good points, and he has some good theories. I don't know if Madge's mother is the brains behind it all, it's an interesting theory, though -and yeah, very symbolic, given the Mockingjay pin. I think he's very right about the Reaping being easily rigged, though. And I also think that Katniss' father was probably thinking about the Games as well as providing food when he trained her to hunt and shoot with a bow and arrow. He couldn't protect his daughter from the Reaping, but he could give her a better shot at survival, if she was selected. (Prim might also have been trained to use a bow and arrow if he'd survuved that long)


The first chapter of Mockingjay has become available at Facebook Page in its audio format!!!!

ETA: OH! Seems like it has been taken down. Only managed to listen 8 minutes of it.
Ooh exciting! I can't decide if I want to know or if I want to completely avoid spoilers!


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