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Re: The Hunger Games

I'm stll thinking about this book, I may need therapy.

Spoiler: show
I agree, Mrs. Lupin. I loved that Collins wrote that "they grew back together" before she could finally say "real". That was huge to me, because to me that was what finally did it. Taking time to purify themselves from the horrors they lived, restore and heal as much as they could, then try to build a life with any semblance of happiness and normalcy.

Their relationship had been too entangled with the outside factors: in the midst of the Games (and the fact that true or not, their relationship began as a way to manipulate viewers), and then in the midst of a devastating war for freedom.

Seems to me like any decision before that could have been considered as influenced by their experiences. To me, it makes sense that Katniss would've needed time to get there.

After war, it was either Peeta (because he came back to District 12 and was there through the healing process) or her being alone. Sadly, life threw a mad curve ball at Gale, and he would always be tied, even if indirectly, to Prim's death.

Even at the end, you still get a feel of how war has scarred the lives of the survivors. You really don't feel like cheering about "which team won" 'cause that would almost sound petty considering the events. In reality, no one did. The war heroes became broken victims of the war they fought for.

I'm just glad Katniss gave herself a chance.

For anyone interested in more serious discussion, check HogPro's Mockingjay Discussion post. They are extremely good.


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