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Re: The Hunger Games

Originally Posted by GinnyIsGenius View Post
What you didn't like exactly?
Honestly? Just the ending.

Spoiler: show
Everything after Prim died just bothered me. Katniss became a character I didn't like anymore, especially when they were voting about to keep the Hunger Games continuing. (One could argue that she only voted yes because she was going to kill Coin anyway, but that was never clarified. So I guess that's mostly an issue with writing?) Then the whole epilogue bothered me because Katniss seemed so detached. Really, she referred to her son and daughter as the "boy" and "girl"? I always saw her as so loyal and caring that it just shocked me how cold she was.

Gale became nearly out of character with his abrupt departure. Furtherore, it really just bothers me that their friendship was dropped so suddenly (though I understand why Katniss would associate him with the bomb), as if they were never close at all. I get that Katniss was supposed to be with Peeta and sheexplains it well at the end of Mockingjay, but it seems like Suzanne Collins was just trying to get rid of Gale quickly. And what's with that comment about Gale probably kissing another girl? That was so ... tactless. My main issue is that their whole friendship was thrown out the window when that was one of the best things in the series, besides the dynamic between Katniss and Peeta.

Lastly, I have a huge issue with how Katniss was dealing with the war so many years later. I get that she wouldn't forget all that happened, but was she really that depressed? Maybe Suzanne Collins meant to say that she was still scarred, but it came across as if she was haunted on a daily basis, to the point that it was unhealthy.


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