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Re: Why is an Inferi so feared?

Originally Posted by tombo125 View Post
Whos to say you can even do that? It is held together by magic, remember. The inferi would be much harder to deal with without magic anyway. Most of us cannot just summon fire whenever we want to. And I dont walk around with a shotgun. The only thing I could do is run away from it, and that would not work in a situation like Harry was in. And good luck taking a moment when a inferi is anywhere near you. You may have trouble thinking logically and react instinctivly and run or freak out.

No disrespect is meant by this post.

I think a few people are getting Inferi mixed up with zombies.

From the little we see of an Inferi, when DD and Harry are at the cave, we can deduce that:-

They are magically re-animated corpses. Quicker moving than "zombies".


Their capablities would rest upon their master. Voldemort a very powerful wizard can make them do all sorts, as we see in the lake. Jumping out of water, trying to pull Harry in the water, and succeeding in doing so with Regulus.

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