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Re: Why is an Inferi so feared?

Originally Posted by ecardina View Post
It's a reanimated corpse with the soul purpose to do you damage. Isn't that scary enough? Maybe it's the ongoing reminder of death or the disgust and revoltion created by the presense of a festering body.

Dead people don't frighten me, so long as they arn't moving. If they get up and start the whole zombie walk I think i'd be running for the hills. Good for Harry, he could stomach a lake full of them. I don't think there is anything quite so frightening as having something from beneath a watery surface trying to drag you down. Ick.
actually,for me, if i met an inferi, its more of the surprise that something like that could exist or happen. so if i were living in the wizarding world and was informed that dark wizards may use inferi, i wouldnt be that freaked out. if i met one in real life, i would be running for the hills, especially since i dont have any way to stop it. if i were a witch who didnt know about them, i would freak out if it were chasing me for the first few minutes, but by the time im out of breath, i might try to stop it. I think its more of the surprise than everything, or if it were someone you loved, that would be horrible too.


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