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Re: Why is an Inferi so feared?

Originally Posted by Voldemorts8thHorcrux View Post
wait, i just realized something. In the lake, the inferi were just swirling in the lake, but their flesh wasnt like rotting and stuff. They were just sort of dead and empty. so would you be scared if you had a dead but not rotting man chasing you?
The magic probably kept their body in the form they were when the person died.

Either that or Voldemort pickled them

But being serious, from a dark wizards point of view, why on earth would I want to be situated with a walking piece of rotting flesh. I mean- think of the flies. If you set something like that on a mission it would probably come back with missing limbs or something. It would be pointless, they wouldn't last long at all. I'm sure even Dark Wizards have some bounderies, esspecially if it effects them. The smell would be unbearable. It makes much more sense that the magic helps them keep in the form they were when they died.

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