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Re: Why is an Inferi so feared?

Originally Posted by Voldemorts8thHorcrux View Post
im talking about how scary they are. if they arent rotting and bloody, at least you could think straight long enough to find some way to run away or beat them.
Even if they are not rotting, the idea of a corpse doing a dark wizards bidding is a scary thing. I think one factor of their scariness is that a dark wizard is in control of them, which means they could do anything and everything. They can be unpredictable - you can't deduce what they are about to do because they are not alive and their features cannot give them away, and also you cannot perform Leglimency on them. Death seems like the defining factor. Even if it's not rotting, it's still dead and a corpse walking around and moving just isn't right to many peoples way of thinking. That's how I see it anyway

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